Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you Susan....

My sister Ruth ,and I went to State Collage PA. on Tuesday to meet a fellow doll artist.. Sue McFadden...... What a great time we had , talking about doll crafting , and getting to know each other..
Susan is a wonderful artist as many of you know.. I was very inspired by her.. and happy to meet her.. She has encouraged me to strive to do more with my doll crafting..
I only live about an hour and a half from her..and hope we can get together from time to time to talk dolls and maybe get a doll club going ...any other doll makers interested ???
The waitress snapped a picture of us at Olive Garden.... I don't know why I can't download a bigger picture... My son the computer whiz.. says sometimes the camera just acts up... But he was able to get this little thumbnail to load up.. so I am grateful for that.....Thanks Alex...
It was so nice to meet you Sue... Can't wait till we meet again.. Merry Christmas..... Till then......Bonnie

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Sue said...

Hi Bonnie!!!!! You got the pic up! I like it small....tee hee! Merry Christmas to you too! Hey anyone out there wanting to join us?